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Caring for your Vaporizer

Published In: Blog Created Date: 2013-06-04

A guide on vaporizer maintenance. 

Vaporizers must be properly cleaned and maintained in order to have the best vaping experience. Like cars and computers, cleaning and maintaining your vaporizer properly ensures longevity and optimal performance. 

Our vaporizers use E-liquid. Continual refilling of the cartomizer/cartridge results in a build up of gunk. Say, for instance, that you have a cup that you regularly fill juice with. If you don't clean it after every use, eventually particles build on on the sides, and there is old and sticky juice in your cup that is probably not good for you to consume or mix with new juice. The same principle applies to your vaporizer. Since the smoke is entering your mouth, and perhaps your lungs, you really dont want to smoke old gunk! Not only that, but gunk build up also blocks your E-liquid from properly entering the heating wick (the part that heats up your liquid, and turns it into vapor). What results is less smoke and more effort to get that less smoke. 

You might think that maintaining your vaporizer is going to be a hassle, but really it's not! It only takes a couple minutes of your time and your vaping experience will be much better with maintanence. Below are a few steps in caring for your vaporizer. We suggest that you clean your cartomizer once a week. 

1. Remove the battery and mouthpiece from the cartomizer/atomizer. 

2. Remove any excess liquid by shaking the cartomizer/atomizer.

3. Using hot water, wash the insides of the cartomizer/atomizer thoroughly. Other suggestions are to use either rubbing alcohol or vodka (100 proof+) and letting it soak. Soak time is up to you, 5 minutes may be enough. For a deep clean, let the cartomizer/atomizer sit in your solution of choice for 24 hours. 

4. To dry your cartomizer/atomizer, simply let it dry for 24 hours, or use the 'dry burn' technique. The dry burn technique is simple: twist the cartomizer/atomizer back onto your battery, and press the power button for NO MORE than 2-3 seconds. If the your cartomizer/atomizer is still wet, you should see smoke appear. Repeat this until you can see the heating wick turn red with your eye looking down the hole where the mouth piece is.

5. If you're concerned with using the dry burn technique, remember that our starter kits come with two vaporizers, so you can let one dry for 24 hours while you use the other one!

A video showing the cleaning of the CE4 (also applies to the CE5) is shown here.

All of our products have a cleaning instructions tab specially written for each product.